We’ve entered a new year which means It’s just a matter of time before you see a new wave of wedding invites finding their way into your inbox. With the inevitable shift of seasons, there is the promise of new wedding trends making their 2019 debut. As older trends trickle their way into a new era, it is always refreshing to see how couples find unique ways to take their celebrations up a notch.

The hype surrounding the 2018 Royal Weddings have paved the way for regal inspired touches for ceremonies and receptions this year. Brides who are in the market for buying their gown will notice minimalistic fabrics and silhouettes. It’s all about that “clean and simple” look! The modern princess-bride is classic and timeless so an emphasis on her natural beauty is key.

Bringing the outdoors, inside, has always been “on-trend” especially with traditionally crafted floral arrangements. This year, expect to see more natural arrangements, stepping away from the conventional blend of flowers. Succulents have recently been a popular addition to wedding décor, incorporating bohemian vibes into a traditional wedding setting. This year nature will remain at center-stage of the wedding décor game, with a new purpose for grasses. Pampas grass is the new neutral twist to the plant fillers that baby’s breath had once provided. It compliments any color scheme with its beige tones and because it’s available year-round, we predict it being used in arches, bouquets, and centerpieces!  

The guest experience is a crucial component to the overall planning of a wedding and with that in mind, the trends of food selection have made their own transition into the new year. Being considerate to the dietary lifestyles of guests has now paved the way towards many keto, paleo, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly substitutions in reception entrees. In addition, dessert-time has been revamped from the cake and champagne ritual. Couples are incorporating a variety of sweet options for their guests including, cupcakes, candy, and donuts. Strategically placed along a table of textures and memorable photos of the couple, a dessert table is both eye-pleasing and delicious!

The greatest attribute of new wedding trends is that newly-engaged couples are able to incorporate pieces of what’s “in” at the moment while staying true to their unique couple style.

Overall, it’s exciting to see how style evolves throughout weddings each year and which characteristics will make a couple’s “big day” their most memorable one.