In this era of “doing your own thing” and “I want it my way”, there are some things that no bride should ever do. Of course, you want to have a fabulous day that will stay in the minds of your guests forever. Of course, your wedding will be special and as unique as you and your groom wish, but here are some “please don’ts” to consider.
  • Don’t try to be superbride. Weddings take a lot of planning and you do not need to make every single decision about every little detail yourself. Do not spend every waking moment to planning THE WEDDING. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your mom, your best friend, your cousins – people really do want to help. Let them. And if you are living away from home with no close friends and relatives to assist, hire a wedding planner. You can contract with them to handle as much or as little as you need.
  • Don’t have a cash bar. You don’t invite people to a party and then ask them to pay for beverages. There are lots of alternatives. Have a bartender help create a special drink for the event and serve that and only that. Or consider a wine bar or gloved waiters circulating with trays of champagne. Or you may have a cocktail hour only and serve wine during dinner.
  • Don’t include bridal registry information on your invitations. Yes, it is good to register for gifts. It helps invitees and ensures you receive gifts you actually want and can use. However, it is good to remember that giving wedding gifts is not mandatory. Your guests will want to gift you but they don’t need to. Get the info out on your website or via word of mouth but NEVER on your invitation.
  • Don’t be bossy with your bridesmaids. Remember that in the most traditional sense your bridesmaids aren’t “maids” to command. Most brides handle these relationships with skill and grace, but we have seen brides shift from “asking” to “demanding” and it isn’t pretty. They expect their bridesmaids to shell out for expensive garments, wear their hair the way the bride insists, and attend countless showers. Yes, you give them thank you gifts but along with that, remember they have lives beyond appearing in your wedding.
  • Don’t make guests wait for hours between the ceremony and the reception. It is ideal to have a venue that handles both the ceremony and the reception, but if you can’t try to avoid long delays between events. If you have your heart set on being married in your family church but the reception you want can only be held as a special location in another town, you’ll have to make arrangements for guests to go directly to the reception site and have a “cocktail hour” or “coffee bar” or alternative happening while they wait for the reception to begin.
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